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Where When How N/D 2017 - J/F 2018 : Page 61

TAKE A KITEBOARDING LESSON WITH TC KITEBOARDING STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING SEE SURFSIDE OCEAN ACADEMY Okay, okay. The kids are alright and now it’s really time to play. You’ve seen some things, met some great people and have tasted our amazing island food. You could really get used to this island thing. You’ve even circled a few of the real estate listings on page 160 in here. It’s okay. We understand – everybody wants to live in the TCI. We locals live for our Sunday Fundays, so if you can handle a Sunday-Funday level of fun on a Tuesday, we’ll know you’ve got what it takes to keep up with us island folk. It’s time to get pumped. Put simply, kite-boarding is our jam. If you’ve ever want-ed to learn the sport, this is the place. Trade winds and shallow waters render Long Bay Beach a mecca for kiteboard-ers from around the globe. If your core’s good enough to kiteboard, then you’ll definitely love Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP, for short). Parasailing here is pretty incredible too. Being towed behind a boat, connected to a parasail kite 500 ft. above the water, overlooking the island’s coast. Thrill seekers, your cup runneth over. Holy Moly! After all that it’s safe to say you’ve got yourself a good handle on this whole “TCI vacation thing.” Even that Fitbit’s telling you to lay down and get some rest. Don’t worry, your towel’s still lying there on the beach where you left it, with your body groves still per-fectly etched in the sand – the quintes-sential Caribbean La-Z-Boy. I Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB 2017/2018 • • • • • 61

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