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Where When How N/D 2017 - J/F 2018 : IFC

Write Your Story Here. THE PERFECT COMBINATION. COMBIN AT TION. THE SHORE CL LUB RESORT, OPEN DECEMBER R 2 2016 ESTAT ATE VILLAS S, OPEN FALL 2017 • The privacy y o of a luxury villa • Full access to o resort amenities • The opportu unity to earn rental income • Penthouse ea ase of ownership in a villa for mat • The security y o of a full-service resort • 7,800 square e f feet • Up to six bed drooms • Private cour tyard with a swimming pool • Located on n e exclusive Long Bay Beach O WN A LUXURIOUS VILLA AT T THE SHORE CLUB RESOR RESORT EXCL LOCATED LOC ATED TED ON EXCLUSIVE AY BEACH, LONG B BA TURKS AND CAICOS. AICOS. ST STARTING TAR T AR TING FROM $4.95 MILLION T THE H E S SHORE H O R E C CLUB L U B I IS S A P PART A R T O OF F T THE H E H HARTLING’S A R T L I N G ’ S G GROUP R O U P L LUXURY U X U RY RESORTS R E S O R T S COLLECTION, C O L L E C T I O N , THE T H E PALMS P A L M S TURKS T U R K S A AND N D C CAICOS A I C O S A AND THE SANDS AT GRACE BAY. N D T H E S A N D S A T G R A C E B A Y . 649.946.4474 MLS 1600028 VENTURE HOUSE, GRA GRACE CE E BA BAY AY Y ROAD, RO AD , PRO PROVIDENCIALES VIDENCIALES www . turk s andcaicossir r. . com

The Shore Club Turks & Caicos

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