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Artist Lucie Stubbs at work in her Driftwood Studio at Caicos Cafe Plaza Atelys Adrian creates stunning handmade Larimar and silver jewellery, championing a shade of blue very popular to visitors seeking items resembling tropical colours. Pandora has a collection of five exclusively made Turks and Caicos charms for their bracelets, including pendants with a starfish, conch shell, and three different coloured Murano glass charms, all with ‘Turks and Caicos Islands’ engravings. Other island-nostalgic jewellery include the Alex and Ani Sealife collection of fine bangle bracelets, available in gold and silver finishes, and complete with a pendant depicting an aspect of island life, from mermaids to seahorses, anchors and lobsters. The island really is a natural spa, with the ocean’s saltwa-ter and even the country’s locally cultivated salt, making excellent pampering agents for our bodies. Salt from (sur-prisingly) Salt Cay, is coined ‘white gold’, and is used to make an array of products from bath salt, skincare exfoliants, and of course, a quality condiment for the dinner table. Products made from our local organic coconut oil span candles, soaps and moisturisers, so you have plenty of ways to enjoy this super food of the beauty world. Should you fancy a spa day, a comprehensive range of treatments is on offer, many using local ingredients, with treatment and aromatherapy prod-ucts available to purchase. A further resource utilised in the Turks and Caicos is fan-ner grass and straw, used traditionally to weave anything from sturdy baskets, to place mats and useful bags. For the art-lover, local artwork and photography champions many different styles and techniques depicting the beautiful blue hues of our island landscape. Every local artist’s interpreta-tion is different, with many photographs showcasing stunning panoramics of beachscapes with dramatic skies, and paint-ings creatively interpreting the vivid shades of blue. A great visual keepsake to take home with you. HIGH-END Providenciales has some outstanding luxury goods to buy, with two clear perks of purchasing here. Firstly, items are tax and duty-free, and secondly, certain luxury goods are com-pletely unique to the TCI, in particular, conch pearls. Extremely rare, only one in around 15,000 conchs produces a pearl, all unique in colour and size, and just 10 percent of these are sufficient quality. Many visitors come here just to purchase these sought-after jewels of the sea. Pearls are pink or salmon-pink in colour, and are available at select jewellery stores ranging from approximately $3,000 to $7,000. The selection at Jai’s features necklaces and rings, often paired with diamonds. Due to the pearl’s extreme fragility, the pearl Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MARCH/APRIL 2017 • • • • • 57

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