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warm, shallow coastal waters and allow you to travel to other islands. With or without a captain or guide, visit Dellis Cay or Pine Cay or your favourite beaches on the southern shore of Providenciales. All-day or hourly tours are available. Take a special watercraft safari to Bugaloo’s, via Sea-Doo or sport boat, complete with lunch coupon for this favourite island eatery. Enjoy yourself out on the water on these great PWC, but do not forget they are not to be ridden in our protected, national marine parks. Kids Club For the little ones, programs range from teaching about the island environment, including marine life, plants and animals, to teaching children how to be safe in and around the water. There are special cours-es available to keep your teens challenged and entertained, while eco-adventures offer fun for the entire family. Mermaid Encounters Turtle Cove Marina is the mermaid Lynsea’ home, and she spends a lot of time enter-taining friends aboard the Undersea Explorer Semi-Submersible. Enjoy her company by your pool or on the beach. Guided eco-snorkels for the entire family are offered. Call Caicos Tours to arrange at 432-0006. (SUP) Stand Up Paddleboarding Who knew paddling a board could pro-vide such access (and exercise) to some less accessible areas of the coastline? Paddling standing up means you don’t only get a core workout, but a stellar van-tage point from which to observe marine life. Quiet and discrete, marine life is left undisturbed. Rentals, instruction and guided tours are on offer. Call: +1 649-231-3122 | 241-5483 | READ ALL ABOUT THE TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB 2017/2018 • • • • • 75

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