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JODI’S UNDERWATER ADVENTURE GO BEYOND SNORKELING DIVING FOR BEGINNERS Fun for the Entire Beach SNUBA Family Age 8 and Up SNUBA on the • • • Bay offer these popular crafts to their guests, so don’t be shy. SNUBA Parasailing Parasailing is a favourite for all ages. Each flight lasts about 15 minutes and will take you up as high as 450 feet. From there you can look out over the islands, or look down and catch glimpses of rays and turtles swimming through the crystal clear ocean below. You can even ask to be dipped in and out of the water during the flight. One, two or three people at a time can go up, and those from 15 months to 96 years have flown. They offer private bookings so that only your family is on the boat. Call ahead to arrange a pickup with one of our licensed and insured parasail operators. 1/2 Day SNUBA BOAT TOUR SNUBA at one site and Snorkel another Snacks included Over 14 Years on Providenciales Fully Licensed and Insured beautiful Bight Reef Call Now to Book Your Adventure 333.7333 • • • Kayak Sailing A small sail is attached to the front of the kayak and controlled by a bungee cord, with the idea being to use all of your ener-gy on the outward journey and use the sail power for the return. Contact Big Blue Unlimited if interested. “Read Over 442 5 Star Reviews on TripAdvisor” WWW.SNUBATURKSANDCAICOS.COM SILLY CREEK WATER SPORTS PRIVATE EXCURSIONS SNORKEL, BEACH PICNIC, PIRATE CAVE, WEST CAICOS, IGUANAS, CLIFF JUMP, OSPREY ROCK, TUBE, WAKEBOARD, WATERSKI, WAKESURF …it’s your day, do what you want to do Join us for an incredible day in paradise along the pristine secluded southwest side of Providenciales Call 649.432.9456 | | Follow us on Facebook | check us out on TripAdvisor | Silly Creek Water Sports is fully licensed and insured Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB 2017/2018 • • • • • 69

Snuba Turks & Caicos

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