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MUDJIN HARBOUR, DRAGON CAY, MIDDLE CAICOS • • • MIDDLE CAICOS • • • Back on the main paved road leaving the village, head east to Bambarra , always staying on the paved road, which eventually curves right and heads up a hill into the vil-lage. If you follow any of the sandy roads, you will find yourself somewhere on Bambarra Beach . If you go straight through Bambarra and turn left onto Lorimers Road, staying on the paved road will bring you to Lorimers . This is the last village on Middle Caicos and located at the end of the paved road, a delightful waterside overlooks the inlet. Only six homes are still occupied in the village, which was once the central point of the TCI. Just before the village a hard-packed road turns left, and then fol-low the power poles for miles to reach the most easterly beach on Middle Caicos called Wild Cow Run . It is way off the beat-en path, but quite extraordinary. Watch for the entrance to the ruins of Haulover Plantation – you can see the old kitchen chimneys peeking out. MIDDLE CAICOS INFORMATION Take the ferry from Providenciales to North Caicos. Rent a car to drive across North Caicos to the causeway which takes you to Middle Caicos. Middle Caicos is about three times the size of Providenciales, with less than 300 perma-nent residents. Ten minutes after you cross the causeway from North Caicos you’ll reach famous Mudjin Harbour , a gorgeous cove with rocky cays, cliffs and dazzling sea. Home of the Mudjin Bar & Grill and the Dragon Cay Resort you can take a stroll on the cliff edge with spectacular views. If you plan to hike Crossing Place Trail , bring stur-dy shoes and lots of water – the trail mean-ders along the shore for five miles. On the way to the village of Conch Bar , stop at Indian Cave . There are great photo ops in this easily accessed cavern and no guide is needed. Your next destination is the Conch Bar Caves National Park , the largest above-water cave formation in the Caribbean. Stay on the paved road and do not turn left into Conch Bar. Continue straight ahead, across the airport parking area, and onto a rough road leading into the bush. Suddenly the gates at the cave entrance will emerge on your left. Bring a flashlight and wear sturdy shoes. Conch Bar Caves is best explored with a pre-arranged, knowledgeable eco-tour guide. Tours are Mon-Fri 9 am -3 pm (to call the entrance gate dial: 1-649-247-3157). Conch Bar is the main settlement of the island, with the primary school (which always welcomes visitors!), two churches, two small grocery shops and the Middle Caicos Co-op . Follow the signs and shop the largest collection of authentic TCI handicrafts in the country. The Valentine’s Day hand-carved model sailboat fleet is on display. Whale watching is excellent from mid-January to end of March from the ocean shore or at Mudjin Harbour. Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB 2017/2018 • • • • • 151

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