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Options in TCI STORY & PHOTOS BY MORGAN LUKER -SURFSIDE OCEAN ACADEMY erties and kids from the community. Their programs run entirely from the resort and beach area, and they have a new Games Room to occupy the kids looking for some indoor play time as well. Their Clubhouse caters to programs such as arts & crafts, a cultural program, kids yoga and daily games. Weather permitting, sailing and kayaking are also offered and there is always daily pool/ocean time. Margaret and Delisa will be there to welcome everyone and are well-regarded by the guests as the best in the business. Big Blue Summer Camp Big Blue are known for their ocean adven-tures and exploring while learning about the marine environment. For the past three sum-mers, they have been offering a tailored pro-gram for kids that runs during the first three weeks of July only. These week-long camps run Monday through Friday and offer excur-sions for kids nine and up on kayak and SUP, and also a certification course in diving. There is an optional seamanship component as well for avid boatpersons, and also a weekly trip by boat to visit West Caicos and explore. Kids will be sure to learn a great deal in this experiential program. Graceway Sports Centre With super sporting amenities on site, the Graceway Sports Centre offers a huge vari-ety of recreational activities for kids five years and older at very reasonable prices. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash, gymnas-tics, badminton, soccer, etc. are all offered in the mornings. Often, there is a guest speaker or specialised coach in the afternoons teach-ing a nutrition workshop or hip-hop class, followed by afternoon sports and/or activi-ties such as arts and crafts. An amazing, well-rounded sports-based camp that runs for the month of July. So, with choices like these, everyone in the family is sure to enjoy the summer months in TCI. There is variety, educational components, water safety, and loads of fun in each one. Every camp offers its own unique pieces, and there is sure to be one perfectly suited for every camper. I know when I was growing up in TCI as a kid we were given a three-wheeler, a mask, snorkel and a map. But that’s another story… Grateful for options :) I More about Summer Camp, or other outdoor adventure programs for kids and families, call SURFside Ocean Academy, on 231.5437. Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at SUMMER 2017 • • • • • 81

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