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IAL R SPEC E M M U S F $10 OF O CEAN O UTBACK A DVENTURE C RUISE Continued from page 68 Snorkel/Beach Cruises When conditions permit, snorkelling tours can offer greater visibility, more varied coral formations, and a bigger range of sealife than onshore snorkelling. Ask the boat operator for the specific snorkelling areas you’ll explore before you book. Pontoon Boat Take a Pontoon Boat Tour across pictur-esque Chalk Sound National Park. Your pri-vate group of four to 12 persons will enjoy a calm, two hour cruise across the sound. Beer, water and sodas included. Bring your own snorkelling gear. Pontoon Boat Cruises are $70 per person. To book call Las Brisas Restaurant at Neptune Villas on 946-5306. Ask about a Sunset Cruise. DO YOU HAVE JUST A BIT O’ THAT PIO-NEERIN’ BLOOD IN YOU? HOW ABOUT THE LUST FOR A PIRATE’S LIFE -AT LEAST FOR JUST THE DAY? Well, Ocean Outback has the answer. Unlike many jaunts leaving tourism central (Grace Bay) Ocean Outback’s “Adventure Tour” boat leaves from Sapodilla Bay to cruise the calm and pro-tected Caicos Banks. You leave civiliza-tion behind with the first stop being some spectacular snorkelling in four to six feet of water. From there you head into shore past Osprey Rock. Perched out on this isolat-ed point is a family of Ospreys keeping a watchful eye on all that passes by. You might also be lucky enough to spot migrating Flamingos or the Long-Tailed Birds of Paradise, a gull type bird with foot long tail feathers. Small Boat Rentals Due to our shallow waters and treacherous coral heads boats are most often rented with a licensed captain. By the day, half day or hour, 20’ up to 23’ sport boats are available for exploration -with or without a captain -from Sun and Fun Seasports. In the Sapodilla Bay area 16’ and 22’ boats are available from Ocean Outback to explore our deserted southern shores only accessible by boat. The Captain takes you ashore just past this point to explore a local pirate’s lair. In a nearby cave, you’ll see 300-year old stone carvings linked to the island’s past. Pirates sailed these waters until the late 1700s, leaving their actual treasure maps etched into cave walls. Try your hand at deciphering the code. You’ll also see etchings left behind by shipwrecked sailors. The Captain will fill you in on all the details! Then some time to crash on Bonefish Point Beach, search for sea shells and enjoy the seclusion of miles of beach per person. No cell phones, no watches please! Enjoy BBQ lunch and snacks with plenty of sodas and water for all, unlimit-ed beers and (original recipe) rum punch for any sea dog that’s so inclined! Added creature comforts? Two decks, one for shade; a bow ramp for easy beach access; restrooms on board; and it’s a catamaran at that, so it’s more stable than any single-hulled vessel. The glass bottom boat is also available for private charters to the island of your choice. “It’s truly good value because it’s just a blast and everyone had so much fun!” We recommend this one. Why not? Go for it. Call 231-0824 or 941-5810. Jetski Personal Water Craft (PWC) Why not take a watercraft safari aboard a jetski? It’s exhilarating. These sporty person-al watercrafts give you access to the warm shallow coastal waters and allow you to travel to other islands. With or without a captain or guide, visit Dellis or Pine Cay or your favourite beaches on the southern shore of Providenciales. All day or hourly tours are available. Take a special watercraft safari to Bugaloo’s, via Sea-Doo or Sport Boat, complete with lunch coupon for this favourite island eatery. Enjoy yourself out on the water on these great PWC, but do not forget they are not to be ridden in our protected, national marine parks. 72 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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