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charter daily. Whether your entire family wants to go, or just you and your partner are looking for a romantic sunset, one of our sailing charter companies will have a package for you. Most sailing companies provide snorkel gear and some beverages and snacks. On a private cruise you can expect something more elaborate, so if you are looking for a unique experience, check out sailing charters. Not an armchair sailor? Rent a Hobie Cat and take in the action on Grace Bay. These sporty little unsinkable catamaran sailboats are quick, responsive and easy to sail. You can take lessons if you wish; most get the hang of it in one to three hours of instruction, or give it a go on your own. Depending on the size, they can handle up to four persons. The boomless mainsail makes it a lot safer for novices. Many of the resorts along Grace Bay offer these popular crafts to their guests, so don’t be shy. Tropical Tours by Land ATV and buggy tours offer an outback adventure exploring Provo’s off-road ter-rain, including the beautiful Pirate’s Cove. The Mountain Bike Safari gives you the chance to embark on a relaxing tour observing the likes of flamingos feeding in the great outdoors. Fancy a hike? Hiking adventures offer walks along TCI’s beauti-ful nature trails. Parasailing Parasailing is a favourite for all ages. Each flight lasts about 15 minutes and will take you up as high as 450 feet. From there you can look out over the islands, or look down and catch glimpses of rays and turtles swimming through the crystal clear ocean below. You can even ask to be dipped in and out of the water during the flight. One, two or three people at a time can go up, and those from 15 months to 96 years have flown. They offer private bookings so that only your family is on the boat. Call ahead to arrange a pick-up with one of our licensed and insured parasail operators. Kayak Sailing A small sail is attached to the front of the kayak and controlled by a bungee cord, I SLAND B UGGY T OURS Continued on page 68 Express Island Buggy Safari (2 hrs) Island Buggy Safari (3.5-4 hrs) Island Adventure Buggy Tour (5.5-6 hrs) Book Today at 649.331.3868 64 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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