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Snuba Diving for beginners: There’s a sport on island called SNUBA that’s related to its counterpart, SCUBA. However, with SNUBA, the individual is not self contained, but the tank floats on a raft at the surface. No certification is needed, and you can enjoy Snuba from the beach or from a boat. As a SNUBA participant you’ll be one of a small group exploring Provo’s fascinat-ing Bight Reef on the north shore. The reef is teeming with sea life, including turtles, rays, and countless colourful fish. SNUBA boat tours are now available to our wild and isolated neighbouring cays. SNUBA is absolutely perfect for the family that wants to try something entirely new, available to age 8 and older. DSD -Discover Scuba Diving Booking a Discover Scuba Diving course (DSD), or Resort Course, is a simple matter. Just contact a PADI Dive Shop while you’re here in the TCI. No matter what your phys-ical condition, a qualified instructor can teach almost anyone to dive. The Discover SCUBA course can be conducted in a pool, off the beach or from a dive boat. It’s a great way to test-drive the sport without a huge commitment. You’re taught theory and practical exercises on how to breathe under water and with the DSD being a PADI approved course, it can be counted towards your certification, should you choose to continue on to the Open Water Diver course. During a DSD you spend the first part of the day learning theory and important technical details. You’ll also learn useful sig-nals for things like “My ear hurts” and “I’ve run out of air.” (Be assured this is incredibly rare and should never really happen, but still a good signal to learn.) Once you have the signals, you jump in the pool and don your gear. Normal equipment consists of: a wet-suit, a Buoyancy Control Device (or BCD, which is a vest you inflate and deflate via couple of buttons. It’s a flotation device on the surface and a buoyancy control device as you’re diving), mask, snorkel, fins, a weight belt, an air gauge and compass and the all important tanks and regulator. The bonus of the DSD is that it includes a beautiful boat ride in paradise. In the same Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at SUMMER 2017 • • • • • 61

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