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and Com fort Level inParadise The Turks and Caicos Islands, particularly Providenciales, has two things rarely on offer in today’s holiday saturated market: a world-class beach (and collection of dive sites) and seclusion. What more of a fitting pre-requisite is that -quietness and a first-rate shoreline -for ultimate relaxation? A multitude of well-designed accommodations are built around the island with this shoreline in mind, utilising stellar vantage points and luxury amenities. Want your periodic fix of ivory sands and turquoise water? Here’s a general guide to where to start. The Six Golden Criteria There are six immediate considerations that pop into the minds of any budding holidaymaker seeking a lush abode away. Where and when to start looking, how far the abode-in-question is from the beach, proximity to the central area including local restaurants, and price. And then the all-important question… Villa, guesthouse, resort or boutique hotel? Everyone needs a comforting base to venture out from and return to. What constitutes this comfort, varies from person to person, and falls on the priority placed on doorstep amenities, independence and privacy, or casual family living space. Why Vacation Here In the past 30 years the TCI has undergone a rapid rate of development of both tourist accommodation and real estate. The growth has yielded more jobs internally, and more visitors externally, reaffirming TCI’s foothold in the luxury destination market. Despite development, TCI compared to its Caribbean counterparts is still relatively young, and very much off the beaten track when placed alongside the neigh-bouring Bahamas or Bajan hotspot Barbados. The result is, TCI is blessed with one of the best beaches in the world, and a deserted stretch of sand to recline on (or a deserted patch of land to build on, should you want to uproot). Striking this balance between world-class quality and quietness , is what renders TCI a prominent fixture within the holiday market. BY SOPHIE NEWSTEAD PHOTOGRAPHY BY LISAADARAPHOTO.COM Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at SUMMER 2017 • • • • • 49

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