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Where When How Summer 2017 : Page 148

GO BEYOND PROVIDENCIALES... VISIT OUR OTHER ISLANDS • • • NORTH CAICOS • • • North Caicos is often referred to as the “Garden Island” of the Turks & Caicos, and has 2500 permanent residents. The ferry will drop you at Sandy Point where you will pick up your rental car from Al’s, Easy, Nick’s, Scooter Bob’s or Pelican Beach Car Rental . Then stop at the Green Island Café for refreshments. As you leave Sandy Point you’ll pass Cottage Pond on the right. The pond is actually a very deep vertical cave and is home to several water birds. Just past Cottage Pond you will come to a T intersection. A right will take you into the village of Kew and beyond, to Wades Green , the ruins of a 1789 Loyalist planta-tion. Take a guided tour by pre-arranging with one of our eco-tour guides, or take a self-guided tour with the help of pamphlets purchased from the National Trust. If you turn left at the T intersection, you are on your way to Hollywood Park . Another left at the next intersection, beside the park, will take you into the seaside vil-lage of Whitby . Directly on Whitby Beach, find the Barracuda Beach Bar at the Pelican Beach Hotel . West of Whitby fol-low a series of roads, to snorkel at Three Mary Cays . Or turn east and you’ll find Horsestable Beach . THE GREAT HOUSE AT WADES GREEN PLANTATION Returning to the main road, where you will find gas stations, you will come to Flamingo Pond Overlook . The flock can reach about 1000 members. You need strong binoculars to view the birds. Further east, just before Major Hill set-tlement you can make a pit stop at My Dee’s Restaurant (946-7059) open seven days a week. Further along Bottle Creek is a picturesque village overlooking the water. At the far end of Bottle Creek is the home of Gibbs North Caicos Outfitters . They offer DIY fishing kayaks and SUP rentals. East from Bottle Creek you cross the causeway to Middle Caicos. GETTING TO NORTH CAICOS From Providenciales, pre-book a spot with TCI Ferry Service 649-946-5406. To catch the (passenger only) ferry, head for Walkin Marina at Heaving Down Rock. • • • MIDDLE CAICOS • • • Place Trail, bring sturdy shoes and lots of water. On the way to the village of Conch Bar, stop at Indian Cave . There are great photo ops in this easily accessed cavern and no guide is needed. Your next desti-nation is the Conch Bar Caves National Park , the largest above water cave forma-tion in the Caribbean. Stay on the paved road and do not turn left into Conch Bar Village. Continue straight ahead, across the airport parking area, and onto a rough road leading into the bush. Suddenly the gates at the cave entrance emerge. Bring a flashlight and wear sturdy shoes. Tours are M-F 9-3. (Gate: 247-3157) Best explored with a pre-arranged, knowledge-able eco-tour guide. HUTS AT BAMBARRA BEACH, MIDDLE CAICOS Middle Caicos is about three times the size of Providenciales, but has just 300 perma-nent residents. Ten minutes after you cross the causeway from North you’ll reach Mudjin Harbour . Turn left off the main road into the Blue Horizon Resort, head up the drive and park by the cement path to the beach. Enjoy lunch or drinks at Mudjin Bar & Grill (946-6141, closed on Sundays). If you plan to hike Crossing 148 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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