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GO BEYOND PROVIDENCIALES... VISIT OUR OTHER ISLANDS SOUTH CAICOS A SAMPLE DAY TRIP* FROM PROVIDENCIALES (PLS) TO GRAND TURK (GDT) Some businesses, shops and galleries are only open while cruise ships are in port, check schedule before planning your trip: Turks and Caicos National Museum: 8am flight: Arrive at 8:30am in Grand Turk. Rent a car or golf cart. If you’d like to see the whole island with time to spare, a car is advised. 9am: The Cruise Ship Terminal. Enjoy frozen margaritas at the Caribbean’s largest Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, which also houses duty-free shops and a cabana-clad swimming pool. 10:30am: Visit the Turks & Caicos National Museum, or take a walk along his-toric Front and Duke Street.The museum is a curation of TCI’s past, depicted with artefacts and intriguing historical informa-tion. Situated in Guinep House. Open one hour after cruise ship arrival, closes one hour before cruise ship departure. 11:30pm: The Gallery on Duke Street houses creations by local artists from nat-ural resources like sea glass, shells, coral and wood, from jewellery to paintings and sculpture. Find local goods like Salt Cay salts and fanner baskets. 12pm: Enjoy lunch or cocktails at one of the quaint restaurants housed in historic inns or seaside along picturesque Front and Duke Street. 1pm: Either take a boat trip to see stingrays at Gibbs Cay, go horseback rid-ing on the beach, or visit the Lighthouse. 4pm: Make your way to the airport for the last flight at 5:40pm. Optional day activities: Whale watching: From January to April Humpback Whales pass by these shores. Snorkel, swim or scuba diving pack-ages: The west coast of Grand Turk is Columbus Landfall National Marine Park, superb for beachcombing, snorkelling or swimming, with fine beaches and unparal-leled water clarity. Diving is optional only if staying the night, as flying is not recom-mended immediately after. *This is a sample day trip / rough guide. Timings and activities may vary. • • SOUTH CAICOS • • The only settlement is called Cockburn Harbour after Sir Francis Cockburn, a Bahamian Governor officially visited the island in 1840. The town lies on the south west coast, on the largest natural harbour in the country. A small fleet of fishing boats return each day with lobster (in season), conch and scale fish. Three fish processing plants adjacent to the harbour prepare the daily catch for export to the other islands, Haiti, the DR and the United States. South Caicos is well known in the div-ing community for clear visibility, water depths from 20 feet dropping “off the wall” to 7000 feet, with a fantastic array of corals and fishes. Bird watching enthu-siasts will find the best variety of subjects at the Highlands Estate . East Harbour, is host to our Sailing Regatta each May. HOW TO GET TO SOUTH CAICOS By Air: From Providenciales and Grand Turk via interCaribbean. Several flights each day. Visit Or travel with Caicos Express Airways. By TCI Ferry: twice a week, leaving from Walkin Marina, Heaving Down Rock. South Caicos is off the beaten path, even more so than North or Middle Caicos. Once the centre of shipping and com-merce in the Turks & Caicos, its’ nick-name, The Big South , was well deserved. Today it is a sleepy island populated by fishermen, their families, and a handful of hopeful and determined resident busi-nesses breathing a great new feeling in the Big South. The Government is finalising airport improvements, East Bay Resort has opened phase one, the island restaurants are busier, classes at the School for Field Studies are fully booked, the fish plants are processing and exporting, and the Big South is still the bonefish capital of TCI. The 8.5 square mile island is shaped roughly like a closed fist, palm upward, with the index finger jutting to the north. That finger is a peninsula of prime real estate where views encompass both the ocean to the east and the shallow, turquoise banks and Bell Sound to the west. The ball of the thumb is a fairly level plateau overlooking the ocean, where the remains of Highland House stand guard and donkeys wander at will. 146 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

Turks and Caicos National Museum

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