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“TGIF: The Grind Includes Friday”. Tito continues to grind it out seven days a week producing authentic handmade products for his growing clientele. With his wife’s assistance from Miami they can ship your favourite Taj Enterprises merchandise world-wide. Since all of their products are hand crafted in their modest home in Blue Hills, every room in the house plays a part in the production process: silk screen printing in the living room, sewing machines run-ning full tilt in the dining room, and wood working projects buzzing out on the porch. The quintessential family business, Tito and his brother are often working late into the night creating new designs and preparing deliveries for the next morning. Every item Taj designs pays homage to their strong TCI heritage, always representing something as uniquely Turks and Caicos as Tito himself. I Tito Seymour, CEO & Owner of Taj Enterprises, Represent TCI Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at SUMMER 2017 • • • • • 139

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