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CRAB CAKE COCONUT RUM CAKE crunchy coating and a drizzle of cilantro-lime citrus mayo, this succulent squid seems to vanish in seconds. Creamy Mozzarella, fragrant basil and earthy tomatoes come together to make the classic Caprese Salad. Bright and brimming with fresh and lively flavours, here the addition of a zesty pesto and a robust house balsamic take these basic elements over the top. “Awesome bal-samic reduction,” my favourite diner complimented. Tapas also includes Fish Ceviche, Coconut Crusted Snapper Tacos, Mussels, Baked Brie, Nachos, Tuna Poke, Himalayan Salt Cured Tuna and several other shrimp bites. And that’s not all. We would need to return a multitude of times just to cover the Tapas menu! Hmm, I sense a challenge here. The menu goes on and on and offers two soups, a hearty Black Bean Soup and a rich and creamy Conch Bisque. There’s plenty of salads, four pastas, and baked-to-order Specialty Pizza. The Wine List is very reasonable. Yes, you read it right. Wine and reasonable in the same sentence. We uncorked a 2011 Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. This Bordeaux-style blend with luxurious dark fruit and soft tannins was a unanimous success with our assortment of appetiser and entrée selections. Fresh, made-to-order entrées are offered with your preference of prepara-tion techniques including: grilled, pan-fried, cracked, blackened or Creole. Your choice of sauce includes: rosemary, lemon garlic butter, Béarnaise or mush-room. Now, choose two sides from jas-mine rice, mashed, baked, French fries or yucca chips, black beans, side salad, steamed vegetables or corn on the cob. In keeping with my lobster theme, I chose the Caicos Lobster Thermidor. ‘Tis the season! Presentation is dramatic and stunning served in the shell, and the out-rageously creamy brandy-based sauce saturated each and every lobster morsel with an incredible depth of flavour. If you’re in the mood to share the ultimate in Mediterranean cuisine, the Paella is worth the wait (45 minutes). A culinary gift of Spain, it is a savoury com-CONTINUED ON PAGE 127 124 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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