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Where When How Summer 2017 : Page 105

Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Open 8am until 10pm Daily (Seasonal) Happy Hour 5-6:30 Everyday! LIVE MUSIC 6 to 9pm (In Season) MONDAY FRIDAY SUNDAY Monday: Margarita Tuesday: Rum Punch Wednesday: Turquoise Water Thursday: Laugh Out Loud Friday: Caicos Mama Saturday: The Whatever: Bartenders Choice! Sunday: Sun & Sea Daily Drink Specials Closer to the Beach than any other restaurant Experience amazing sunsets with us at Cabana Beach Bar & Grill Ocean Club East ~ 649-946-5880 We are Open to the Public RTY NCH PA RUM PU S 6-7pm Y A D N MO See our Menus at: -See Map #18

Cabana Beach Bar & Grill

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