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RESTAURANT REVIEW could have dreamed its final destination would be the Turks and Caicos Islands. There’s plenty of seating surrounding coco-van in the beautifully lush, landscaped setting. Spread out and spacious, you’d never guess they can seat 70. “We knew we wanted people to stay here and enjoy the environment. We wanted to create a nice seating area with the same kind of ambiance as next door, but obvi-ously more casual with the picnic tables, no reservations needed, and it’s more affordable. Everything on the menu is 16 bucks and under,” GORGONZOLA FRIES Steven acknowledged. A self-service concept, you place your order at the Airstream, get a number, pay, return to your table and your food is brought to you. While you wait, enjoy watching the live action in the ‘kitchen,’ sip a cool beverage and nibble on a bas-ket of Sriracha Lime Popcorn, it’s outra-geously tasty and totally addictive. Drinks from the bar (also self-service) include beer, wine, cocktails and a Tequila Well. In keeping with the concept, drink prices are also reasonable, and as Steven joked, “You can never have too many umbrellas in your drink.” Tonight’s Special Cocktail offerings were Rasta Rum Punch , a Jamaican style rum punch layered with Myers Rum and Blue Curacao, and Lime in the Coconut , a refreshing umbrella drink made with lime juice, coconut puree and local coconut rum. The rooster theme is yet another SWEET CHILI genius idea – the staff livery even includes AND SESAME BEEF TACOS French berets. Tables are decked out with lanterns, a roll of paper towels (you’re gonna need ‘em) and a large squeeze bottle of Sriracha Sauce. The contemporary and trendy menu offerings are created by Executive Chef Stuart Gray and rotate about once a month. The vibe may be casual, but this cuisine is elevated, sophisticated offerings you’d expect to find in a major metropolitan city. It’s a small-plate sharing concept much like tapas, beginning with Asian Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna Tartar. This dish was elevated in more ways than one. Two incredibly crunchy rice cakes were the flavourful foun-dation for mounds of soft and tender tuna tartar. A gen-erous drizzle of Spicy Aioli is the piece de résistance of this outstanding dish. Classic Poutine (pron. pou-tin) is the ultimate deca-dence. Originating in Quebec, Canada, crispy French fries are buried beneath melted cheese curds and savoury gravy, creating a ridiculously rich and gooey CHURROS dish of deliciousness. >>>>>>>>> 102 • • • • • SUMMER 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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