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THE COCOVAN KITCHEN IS HOUSED IN A 1974 AIRSTREAM TRAILER Leave it to the dynamic duo of Stuart Gray and Steven Murray of Coco Bistro fame, to create Providenciales’ newest culinary sensation, cocovan . The inspiration behind this original and ingenious concept evolved and developed from their fascina-tion with the food truck phenomenon. An exploding and mon-umental trend in the food industry, its success and appeal lies in its sim-plicity. It’s a casual, spontaneous, affordable and fun alternative to sit-down, conventional restaurants. And here on this island of perpetual sum-mer, what’s not to love about the concept? Our host for the evening, General Manager and co-owner Steven Murray, explained how the concept came about. “We [together with Stuart Gray, Executive Chef and co-owner] knew we wanted to do another restaurant, but we didn’t want to do something the same as Coco Bistro. We wanted to do something more casu-al. We didn’t want to try to compete with ourselves, or with what we were doing next door. Food trucks are so popular in the U.S. and Canada now, so that’s what we wanted to do. We wanted something iconic … so it’s a 1974 Airstream.” Stuart’s wife, Jo, is the mastermind behind the genius name. Steven explained they had been toying with names, and had a few frontrunners, but really didn’t like any of them. Then one day he received a text message from Stuart. “Jo said, what about cocovan ?” “Yeah, that’s it!” Steven laughed. Purchased and refurbished in Ohio, the 27-foot Airstream’s ren-ovation involved cutting serving hatches, a huge roof vent, and reinforcing the floors to accom-modate the heavy kitchen equip-ment. Then cocovan was driven to Miami where they custom-fit-ted the kitchen and finally, shipped here. The sight of the sleek iconic Airstream is quite an eye-catching spectacle in itself. This American-made brand of high-end luxury trailers are easily recognised by their distinctive rounded sil-houette and gleaming silver colour. The year was 1974. Everybody was doing a brand new dance called The Locomotion, Blazing Saddles had everyone in stitches in the-atres, the Rubix cube was stupefying the world, and this partic-ular Airstream rolled off the assembly line in Ohio. No one STORY BY MANDY ROSTANCE-WOLF ~ PHOTOS BY LISA ADARA PHOTOGRAPHY Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at SUMMER 2017 • • • • • 101

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