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vein, not every site is suitable for a Discover Scuba Diving course as you are limited to a 40 foot descent depth. If you have your heart set on a wall dive, you can complete your full certification in a few days and be ready to go. We advise contacting a dive operator before you hit the island to get started with bookwork online. Scuba Diving When 25-30 foot shallows surrounding the TCI banks suddenly drop to around 6,000 feet (2.1km), ‘The Wall’ forms, an underwater cliff, and along with it, coral walls and sealife in abundance. TCI has world-class wall diving, ask your concierge for more information on certi-fication and dive excursions, or contact your nearest dive operator. Snorkelling Snorkelling is the all-rounder of island activities. Suitable for all ages, the warm, shallow waters allow coral reefs to flour-ish just metres off the shore. Sunbathe and snorkel simultaneously, at multiple locations. Kiteboarding This hot new sport exploded on the Providenciales scene several years ago and now, the waters off Long Bay Beach have become a Mecca for boarders from across the globe. Usually a kite from 9-12 metres, is attached to a harness worn around the waist, with two feet strapped onto a board. Wind propels the kite, which in turn, pro-pels you. A variety of kite sizes means you can board with next to no wind, or very high wind, depending on your level and confidence. Several watersport businesses offer lessons and equipment hire for all levels, on Long Bay Beach. P IRATE C OVE A DVENTURE ATV/B UGGY T OURS Private horseback riding tours on Grace Bay Beach Sailing Express ATV/Buggy Tours (1 hr) Off Road Buggy Safari Tours (2 hrs) Off Road Buggy & SeaDoo Wave Surfing (2.5 hrs) CAICOS CORRAL Book Your Tour Today 649.333.3868 649.431.3939 For novices and sailors, the most peaceful way to explore the cays and deserted beaches of the TCI is from a comfortable seat aboard a sailing yacht. Cruising multi-hulls are available for hire and private charter daily. Whether your entire family wants to go, or just you and your partner are looking for a romantic sunset, one of our sailing charter companies will have a package for you. Most sailing companies 72 • • • • • MAY/JUNE 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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