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Where When How May/June 2017 : Page 62

These pages: The treatment rooms at The Palms Resort & Spa A GENERAL GUIDE TO SPA SERVICES This guide is aimed to give a rough out-line of price ranges for treatments on the island. Costs were sourced from multiple spas across the island and correct at press time (May 2017). Be aware treatments and prices vary from spa to spa and information is sub-ject to change. Many treatments exclude the 12% government tax, 10% service charge and gratuity (a discretionary 10%). GENERAL OPENING HOURS: 9AM-7PM FACIALS Aims: Renew, brighten, sooth, lift, control. Typical Types: Enzyme/ultrasonic peels, cell boosting, anti-aging, blemish control. Ingredients: clay, collagen, caviar, special-ist treatments for dermatological needs. 25-30 minutes: $65-$160 45-80 minutes: $85-$190 PACKAGES 1.5 hours -4.5 hours $100-$595 MASSAGES The classics: Swedish, deep tissue, reflex-ology, aromatherapy, hot stone, sports massage, prenatal, pregnancy. Alternatives: Holistic, Thai/Indonesian massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu (Japanese pressure points and ancient Chinese medicine), Raindrop technique (drops of essential oils), Lomi (Island inspired), Poultice (herbal). 25-35 minute massage: $60-$130 50-60 minute massages: $100-$310 80-90 minute massage: $180-275 HAND & FOOT Hand & Foot Massages and Treatments: 30-50 minutes: $60-$90 Manicures & pedicures: $40-$70 BODY POLISHES, SCRUBS, WRAPS Typical ingredients: Mud/aloe/seaweed/algae/sun-hydrating wraps/mother of pearl/rose oil scrubs $80-$150 BATHS Typical examples of baths: Aromatherapy, seaweed, steam. $65-$105 VARIATIONS Customised treatments, mobile spas, and group massage packages for individuals, private parties and weddings to name a few. Call in advance to find out more information, or book a treatment. GENERAL ADVICE Due to the deeply cleansing and restoring nature of skincare treatments such as scrubs, massages and facials, it is wise to follow some post-care guidelines to max-imise and prolong the effects after a spa treatment. The most common advice is to drink lots of water, avoid the sun for a period of time, and stay away from harsh cleansers and heavy makeup. Ask your therapist for timeframes and more details. 62 • • • • • MAY/JUNE 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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