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PHOTOS PROVIDED BY CARIBIQUE VILLA ISLANDER RESORTS AND BOUTIQUE HOTELS ARE abundant in the Turks and Caicos Islands, with short-term rental develop-ment harnessing not only an impressive roster of R&R amenities, but rapid devel-opment of an entirely different rental sector; private villas and guesthouses. Such exclusive accommodation is attracting a much wider demographic in recent years, with families, friends and couples alike realising the appeal of going private much quicker and in greater numbers. The benefits are clear, and enhanced somewhat by one unassuming fact: they’re not as costly as you may think. Vacation villas can work out a cost-effective option for groups of friends or family booking together. Even then, the rise in the number of villas and guest-houses -whether it’s via Airbnb or other means-leaves price ranges competitive and malleable to an array of require-ments and budgets. The second benefit is the deeper level of personalisation private villas and guesthouses allow, with autonomous flexibility to tailor your timetable 24/7 to suit your needs. The privacy such accommodation warrants, by combining communal and private space under one roof, means villas adopt a family-style kind of affair, resembling the ‘home away from home’ many holidaymakers seek. Precious time with loved ones, downtime in your own space; villas and guesthouses have it covered. Quaint, contemporary, colonial, European? A hand-built retreat or bun-galow on the beach? Each villa is unique with a distinct character, ambience and architecture for you to pick and choose at will. Private villas range from quaint to palatial, and can offer space for as few as two guests, or comprise enormous estates for as many as multiple families and groups of friends. Should you want amenities for the kids, many villas also have purpose built children areas to retain the benefits of playtime champi-oned at larger resorts. Indulging in bespoke requests is a luxury not just confined to bigger resorts. Everything but a helicopter is primed and ready to land at your villa door, including a chef, concierge, maid, butler, masseuse, personal trainer; you name it, it’s on offer. If you’re feeling particularly decadent, simply send a shopping list to your concierge and arrive to a fully stocked fridge. Rum punch and crab cakes anyone? Choose to use the service providers recom-mended by the villa’s owner or property manager, or contact one of the private concierges on the island to enjoy these benefits. Many, if not most, of the villas avail-able for rent in the Turks and Caicos Islands, share common characteristics. From freshwater swimming pools, prox-imity to a beach access or a beachfront location, to air-conditioning, television, Wi-Fi, music systems, and security, across-the-board facilities are fairly stan-dard. Kitchens are fully equipped, so you or your private chef will be able to pre-pare meals with ease, should you opt to dine in during your holiday. In the Turks and Caicos archipelago, our islands are small and easy to navi-Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MAY/JUNE 2017 • • • • • 47

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