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Take care of your skin, enjoy a facial FEEL GOOD: INSIDE OUT PILATES Pilates is a technically refined specialty focusing on core muscles to improve strength and postural balance. A pro-gressive conditioning exercise, it works to twist, stretch and flex muscles rarely used in day-to-day activity. The result is vastly improved core strength, flexibility and leaner muscles with classes ranging from beginners to advanced. HIIT If you want to get fit fast, this is for you. High intensity interval training is a ground-breaking, anti-traditional exer-cise that has gained international popu-larity in recent years. The underlying sci-ence suggests metabolism is as, if not more, effective in short, intense bursts than in sustained low-intensity bouts. The most widely used form is the ‘7-minute workout,’ which creators describe as: “12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes, but achieves the equivalent of an hour’s workout. You need to do them to the best of your abilities (high-intensity) and rest very little in between (10 seconds only).” TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING Another extremely effective all-rounder is suspension training, developing strength, balance, flexibility and core sta-bility in one, using ceiling ropes to lever-age body weight and put core muscles to work. YOGA This discipline revolves around syncing your body’s muscle functions with the mind. Relaxation through breath control, simple meditation and specific postures bring this widely used mindfulness tech-nique into good effect. AEROBICS A traditional staple of the fitness world, classes range from step, high and low impact, water aerobics and circuit to body sculpting that uses weights. FEEL GOOD: OUTSIDE IN Many stylists, masseuses and treatments are offered within the comfort of your hotel or home. Enquire at each spa or salon for details. BODY TREATMENTS & FACIALS The great thing about body and facial treatments is you don’t need an excuse. Skin irritation? Relaxation? Who cares… it’s heavenly. Treatments range from wrapping with detoxifying seaweed purees and mud to treat cellulite and skin tone; polishing with a creamy exfo-liant; and Aromatherapy, which fuses massage with essential oils to treat par-ticular problem areas. If the time for body maintenance is nigh, body waxing and powdering are also on offer. When it comes to anything above the décolletage, facials offer prelimi-nary face mapping to analyse your skin type and determine the most beneficial facial for you. Whether it’s to cleanse, rehydrate, rebalance or rejuvenate, services can be provided at your resort, with no charge outside of the actual ministration. MASSAGE Tension at times doesn’t cause pain, so it’s harder to detect and treat through a massage, until, literally, you have a Gentle Flow | Restorative | Dynamic Vinyasa | Hot Yoga | Yoga Nidra | Hatha Yoga UPSTAIRS AT PORTS OF CALL 649 432 2485 | 30 • • • • • MAY/JUNE 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands” PHOTO BY WWW.BRILLIANTSTUDIOS.COM

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