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Pass through Conch Bar Village and take the last turn left. If you reach the pond you’ve missed the Middle Caicos Co-op . Clustered by the sea, a trio of pale yellow buildings with teal trim is a great spot to take a break, watch whales in season, and shop the largest collection of authentic TCI handicrafts in the country, at your finger-tips. The Valentines Day hand-carved model sail boat fleet is on display. Artisans are on-hand for demonstrations. Daniel’s Cafe is open by reservation only, available for large groups and special events. Back on the road, head east to Bambarra Village , staying on the paved road, which curves right and heads up a hill into the village. As you head back down the hill toward the sea, leaving Bambarra, just after the curve left, take the dirt road to the right and find yourself on the graceful expanse of Bambarra Beach . The most easterly beach on Middle is called Wild Cow Run . It is way off the beat-en path but well worth the trip. Head over A HIDDEN BEACH ON THE NORTH SHORE OF MIDDLE CAICOS the hill going through Bambarra and turn left onto Lorimers Road. About 20 minutes and one left turn later, just before Lorimer’s Village , look for the sign for the entrance to the Haulover Plantation Ruins . Carry on past the ruins, across the salina and turn right at the T junction. You will find yourself on an expanse of beach that extends south and overlooks East Caicos. It’s unlikey you’ll be sharing this beach with another soul. MIDDLE CAICOS INFORMATION Take the ferry from Providenciales to North Caicos. Rent a car to drive across North Caicos to the causeway which takes you to Middle Caicos. Enjoy Drinks, Snacks OR Lunch overlooking Mudjin Harbour & Dragon Cay MIDDLE CAICOS Mudjin Bar & Grill open from 11am to 4pm Dinner by reservation 7-10pm Closed Sunday Secluded Blue Horizon Resort offers two and three bedroom villas and studio cottages. Hike, bike, kayak and star gaze. BLUE HORIZON RESORT | MUDJIN BAR & GRILL | 649.946.6141 | Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MAY/JUNE 2017 • • • • • 157

Blue Horizon Resort

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