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Where When How May/June 2017 : Page 147

your worries about success and career from the process of making. You may be advised to keep doing one specific thing if it ‘works’, but that’s not necessarily the way forward as you need to keep that edge of fresh inspiration. If there’s one thing I wish I’d known at the start of my career, it would be to follow your gut instinct and intuitively your own creative process will stretch you to produce your best art.” With a distinct concept and solid body of work under her belt, discussion turns to exciting projects for the future...“I’ll be back in the TCI later in the year working on various proj-ects, including making work that can be potentially used for future developments on the island. I’d love to have my work in multiple venues also, such as hotels, condos, restaurants, and will continue to take on commissions. As far as develop-ing techniques, it will focus on making the work more multi-dimensional, using the effects of light and different elements. Ultraviolet and glow in the dark pigments, as well as other materials which are reactive to light, water, temperature and atmospheric changes. Backlighting, reflections, projections of light…possibilities are endless!” Alexandra by using paintings (soon to be multi-sensory art) to depict phenomena usually confined to the pages of science journals, blurs the lines between art and physics, and in turn, harnesses the exciting signs of a new art form… and new perspective. I Alexandra’s work can be found in Paradise Arts in The Saltmills and Art Provo located in The Regent Village, in Grace Bay. Alexandra Brace: Artist Website: Facebook: Alexandra Brace, artist Instagram: @alexbrace_artist Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MAY/JUNE 2017 • • • • • 147

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