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Where When How May/June 2017 : Page 127

RESTAURANT REVIEW GULAB JAMUN The Chicken Kadhai was a new experience for us. Smoked over charcoal, rendered a really intense and incredibly wonderful smoky flavour. A Kadhai is a deep, steel cooking pot. And last, Paneer Pasanda, more of that marvelously tender paneer, stuffed with minced paneer and Indian spices and finished in a Makhani sauce, a butter-based, tomato cream sauce. Now, back to that ultimate and essential accessory, naan bread. First, Peshawari Naan is a sweeter bread, filled with cottage cheese, raisins, and cherries. And what I consider to be the bastion of Indian sides, Garlic Naan. Piping hot from the tandoor walls, perfectly blistered, crispy and lip-smackingly good! Use naan like a super sponge to mop up every drop of sauce on your plates, as well as to soak up the residual spice on your palate. But the feast was not over. An unexpected surprise of Nargisi Koftas, a delicacy from the kitchens of Nizams. Boiled eggs are coated with finely minced lamb and finished in a fantastic onion curry sauce. I know what you’re thinking…sounds like scotch eggs. I don’t want to ruffle any chicken feathers, but it is believed the British may have been inspired by the Persian dish. A fabulous shar-ing option, this was the celebrated dish of the night. The distinctive desserts (Meetha) of India are simply captivating. Ajay paired our sweet delights with a cocktail, an Old Fashioned, made with 18 Year Old Macallan, adding “Anything goes well with an 18 year old whiskey Old Fashioned.” I couldn’t agree more. Gulab Jamun is a traditional confection and a favourite of mine. A condensed milk dumpling is deep fried and dipped in saf-fron-rose syrup. Oh my, and it’s served warm! And a “really creamy, really smooth” Alphonso Mango Cheesecake, made with unbelievably super sweet Alphonso Mangoes. Beyond satiated, and feeling like royalty of ancient times, we pinched ourselves back into reality. Our always attentive and observant host Ajay asked, “What do we think?” We just smiled and said, “We’re in heaven.” “That’s exactly where you should be.” Ajay replied. I Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MAY/JUNE 2017 • • • • • 127

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