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Where When How May/June 2017 : Page 114

CRISPY TOFU SZECHWAN GRILLED EGGPLANT WITH SWEET BEAN SAUCE MOMOS smothered in a delectably sticky honey chilli sauce, I was smitten. “Wait ‘til you taste the ribs… so tender,” I sighed. “Oh my!” “That’s delicious!” “WOW.” Get the picture? Up to this precise moment, my fellow diner, a hardcore Hong Kong Beef guy suddenly piped up, jumped ship and exclaimed, “Do you do this as an entrée?” “We can, yes,” Ajay nodded with a knowing smile. Next, a Lemon Coriander Soup with Chicken was paired with a Washington State Riesling, called Kung Fu Girl (2015). A young Kung Fu girl we all jested. Slightly sweet, a Riesling is a good pairing with Asian food. The coriander was perceptible, but not overwhelming. We all remarked on the soups lovely consistency -not a broth and not a cream-something in between with plenty of fresh, crunchy vegetables. As a veritable parade of main dishes and their fabulous aromas arrived, “We need a bigger table!” we all laughed. Ajay smiled and said, “Sharing is caring. We always encourage sharing, and it allows you to try so many flavours that you would otherwise miss.” And we wouldn’t have wanted to miss ANY of these. First, a Sliced Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce. Lightly seared and tossed in a “phenomenal” sauce, the beef was extremely tender. My fellow diner requested, “Is this available during the day?” We knew he was already planning tomorrow’s lunch. The Sweet & Sour Prawns were marvelous. The sauce beautifully drenched the plump and juicy prawns with a lovely balance of sweet and tangy flavours, not the cloying, sweet ‘candy’ style. A complexity in flavours and a variety of textures, this next scallop dish was fabulous. From the tender scallops to the crunchy asparagus and snow peas to the rich, savoury and robust flavours of the Oyster Sauce. A Sweet Bean Sauce transformed the Grilled Eggplant dish to another level. We were all surprised to learn it was actually grilled eggplant beneath the deliciously sweet and savoury sauce. Another surprise was the Chinese Greens in Mustard Chilli Sauce, a sharp and zesty sauce of mus-tard and Sriracha tossed with blanched vegetables. “That is awesome.” These next two side dishes prompted complements and accolades on a par with the feature dishes. Stir Fried Rice with Crunchy Garlic – plenty of morsels of sweet, chewy, tender roasted garlic. I could not eat enough of this amaz-ing dish. And, Wok Tossed Glass Noodles with Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms. This Singapore-style yellow curry sauce was really tasty, with lasting flavours. I discovered a long time ago to simply sit back, relax and trust Ajay’s judgment. He really knows his stuff. So it came as no surprise when he offered up bottles of Lucky Buddha beer with the main dishes and explained why. “No 114 • • • • • MAY/JUNE 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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