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Where When How March/April 2017 : Page 22

MoreTips CAR RENTALS ON NORTH CAICOS Fishermen -Scooter sells Tackle at MasterBaits! TURTLE COVE MARINA 649-946-4684 • CARS • SUVS • JEEPS • VANS • BICYCLES • SCOOTERS READ ALL ABOUT THE TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS Cyclists Please wear a helmet. We want you to be comfortable but safety is the main con-cern. Closed toe shoes and something more than a bathing suit are also good ideas. Walk your bike, do not ride it, across Zebra Crossings, as drivers may not have enough time to react and stop for you. It’s perfectly acceptable to ride on the sidewalks, but with care. Stop for traffic entering and exiting side roads. Ride “with traffic” when cycling on the roads, on the left side. Ride on the left as far as possible, so that you are riding with, but not in, the flow of traffic. Avoid Leeward Highway, it is busy, and the lack of cycle and pedestrian lanes make it unequipped for cyclist safety. Scooters You must wear protective headgear when driving or riding double on a scooter. A scooter is defined by TCI law as any vehicle with less than four wheels, which weigh less than 1008 lb unladen. Do keep in mind that you are not quite as obvious as a car or truck, so take extra care, especially on roundabouts or as you turn onto Leeward Highway. HOLIDAY TIPS Attire Most of our restaurants have a relaxed attitude toward dress code. The culture of the islands is conservative. Nudity is strictly forbidden on all public beaches. If you’re leaving the beach, it’s appropri-ate to (at least) don a beach cover-up. Sunscreen We cannot stress this enough. Use sun-screen. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends an SPF of 30 at least. Reapply regularly. A sunhat and cover up are also strongly advised. Keep hydrated with water and sports drinks to avoid increased chances of heat stroke. Electrolytes in effervescent form are great ways to regain nutrients lost from the heat. Available over the counter at main island pharmacies. I MEETING THE ENERGY DEMANDS OF A GROWING NATION FULL SERVICE GAS STATION & C-STORE South Dock -649.941.8662 • South Caicos -649.331.7872 • FREE AIR & VACUUM • 24-HOUR FUELS • LUBRICANTS • FOOD ITEMS • BEVERAGES • WINES • SPIRITS Open 7 Days a Week 6:00am to 9:00pm In Providenciales and South Caicos FLEET FUELING SERVICES TEL: 649.941.7873 Customized service to meet your needs. Scheduled fueling services Monday to Saturday. Emergency fueling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. MARINE DIVISION Caicos Oil is the Turks and Caicos Islands largest independent marine fuel marketer, providing services at seaports throughout the country. We have established a leadership position among independent marine fuel marketers nationwide. BULK FUEL -FUEL DEPOT TEL: 649.941.7872 GASOLINE (MARINE GRADE & PREMIUM) ULTRA LOW-SULFUR DIESEL and LUBRICANTS PO BOX 653, SOUTH DOCK ROAD, PROVIDENCIALES, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS TEL: 649.941.7872/7873 FAX: 649.941.7874 WWW.CAICOSOIL.COM 22 • • • • • MARCH/APRIL 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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