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GO BEYOND PROVIDENCIALES... VISIT OUR OTHER ISLANDS • • • SALT CAY • • • OVERLOOKING TURKS ISLAND PASSAGE ON SALT CAY With less than one hundred folk (and nearly that many donkeys), Salt Cay’s vibe is a result of the diverse population. Turks & Caicos Islanders, Americans, Filipinos, Grenadians, St. Lucians, Europeans, Dominicans and Haitians all live and work on this little 2.5 square mile, triangular shaped island. Although inhabited by Lucayan Indians when Ponce de Leon arrived in 1512, Salt Cay was uninhabited from about 1520 until Bermudians arrived in the 1600s. The island then enjoyed a period of prosperity as one of the world’s premier pro-ducers of salt . In the 1920s and 30s the salt trade came to a halt in the TCI. Many Salt Cay visitors come for the annual migration of Humpback Whales , who cruise through the Turks Island Passage every year from January to April. It’s possible to have in-water ‘soft’ encounters with the whales, or go on whale watching excursions. The diving is fantastic, and Salt Cay has access to some of the best snorkelling in the Turks Islands. You can go bonefishing , without a guide, right off shore (with just a fishing license easily purchased at the DCs Office). Salt Cay is popular with bird watchers , as several rare seabirds are spotted here reg-ularly. You can also do a bird excursion from Salt Cay to Great Sand Cay. For history buffs, The White House , built by salt-baron Alexander Harriott, stands next to the last remaining boat house and salt shed on Salt Cay. Boats still shelter here after a day of fish-ing. The Brown House (Sunnyside), is anoth-er historic salt plantation home on Salt Cay. Government House is being restored. The Salinas are impossible to miss. Once shallow bodies of brackish water, they were convert-ed to saltpans. The hand laid stone dykes and canals are impressive. One of the windmills, once used to push saltwater into the drying pans, has recently been rebuilt. HOW TO GET TO SALT CAY Salt Cay can be reached via Caicos Express Airways ($180. RT). Or via interCaribbean flights from PLS to Grand Turk (as low as $70 RT) plus a ferry to Salt Cay ($8 one way). SALT CAY INFORMATION Porter’s Island Thyme Salt Cay Divers -649-241-1009 I NORTH CAICOS Turks & Caicos Islands MIDDLE CAICOS PROVIDENCIALES WEST CAICOS TCI Ferry Services -Passengers to North Caicos 3-5 departures daily and to South Caicos two days a week 649-946-5406 / / 158 • • • • • MARCH/APRIL 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands” TU RK S I SL AN Caicos Express flies daily to Grand Turk and four times a week to Salt Cay 649-941-5730 / PA SS AG interCaribbean flies to Grand Turk and South Caicos 649 946-4999 / 649-331-3404 / E AMBERGRIS CAYS D RT FO Y CA A Y OT C AY RR LIS C AY PA L GE C Y DE OR NE CA I R GE P TE A W LE TT LI ATLANTIC OCEAN Ferry Service Flights EAST CAICOS CAICOS BANKS SOUTH CAICOS GRAND TURK SALT CAY

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