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Island Living There are a few providers on island who hoods after dark, to electronic surveillance of dren in need, while trying to keep the facili-ty as a home instead of an institution. The will send truckloads of water to fill your resorts and businesses. community supported these volunteers, cistern. PETS AND VETS and the new home was completed in IMPORTATION OF When you move to these islands, you may record time. bring your pets with you. However, it is criti-PERSONAL GOODS PCH opened its doors to the children on As a returning resident, you are allowed to cal to have ALL your pet’s paperwork in Christmas Day 2009. The building contains a bring in goods worth $400 duty free. order in advance. Getting the required tests large and inviting, open-plan kitchen/ dining/ Beyond the $400 most items carry a duty performed and forms filled out may take living area. The central area includes a play charge of 10 to 33% with some exceptions. three to six months, so planning ahead is the room, library, study, computer lab, laundry When moving to the TCI for the first time, key. Any dog or cat imported to the TCI and lots of storage space, along with two a person may import personal effects free of must be spayed or neutered. If, upon arrival, overnight rooms for emergency situations, duties. These goods must be intended solely you do not have your pet’s documentation and a meeting room. Separate girls and boys for your personal use, your spouse or any in order, your pet could be immediately dormitory wings flank either side, with kids other person wholly or mainly in your custody, deported, quarantined or euthanized. doubling up in each bedroom and two spa-For information and forms, contact the cious bathroom/shower areas for each gen-charge or care. You must also have obtained a Department of Agriculture, Animal Health der. Far from institutional, rooms are bright Residence Certificate or a Work Permit. Services and cheery. VEHICLES or call 649-946-5801. The PCH is entirely dependant upon the As with most Caribbean islands, we have generous donations of their in-country and If you live on Providenciales, a reliable vehi-cle is a must. The settlements, stores and many homeless cats and dogs referred to as overseas supporters. For their wish list and offices are widespread, with no scheduled ‘potcakes’. They come in a startling variety of ways you can help please go to sizes, colours and shapes. If you would like to 649-946-4201 or 242-7197. I public transportation system. If you import a motor vehicle (new or help in any way or adopt one, please call the used), you will pay a duty rate of 25 to 45% TCSPCA -941-8846 / 231-3052 or Potcake based on the engine size. For personal use Place 231-1010. cars, you will also pay that duty on the ship-PEST CONTROL ping cost. If you purchase here, (new or used) As on any tropical island, we have some those costs are in the price tag. It can amount undesirable 'critters', which impose on to less to purchase a new car here than to homes and offices uninvited. By comparison buy and import a used car from home. to other more humid tropic islands, our Used cars, trucks and utility vehicles are insect population is sparse. Roaches, ter-often available for sale by private owners, or mites and ants are the main culprits, and through several car dealers / importers and although not dangerous to our health, they from car rental companies who are updating are annoying. Small, non-lethal scorpions and their fleet of autos. centipedes are spotted occasionally. You may chance upon mice and small rats. PRIVATE SCHOOLS There are several private primary schools on Fortunately we have good pest control Providenciales offering day care and classes services, which deal with all the above. for pre-school through grade six students. Mosquitoes are not a major problem and The curriculum varies from British National can be kept outside by closing doors and windows before 4pm and keeping screens in to Caribbean. architects & designers Private secondary schools offer classes good repair. from year six on up and include the British PROVO CHILDREN’S West Indies Collegiate (, HOME Maranatha Academy and Wesley Methodist The PCH is a residential long-term care School. facility for all children in need of a safe living SECURITY environment. The PCH Build Group was Even in Paradise there are times when securi-formed after Hurricanes Ike and Hanna ty is a concern. There are several experienced destroyed the existing orphanage in 2008. The group decided to build a 20 bed local firms which provide the whole gamut of p.o.b. 21, providenciales tel: 9464440 fax: 9464127 security services, from escort of valuables facility with two emergency placement email: and cash to security patrols of neighbour-rooms and caregiver suites to handle chil-PHOTO PROVIDED BY TC SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY john redmond associates ltd. Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MARCH/APRIL 2017 • • • • • 151

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