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unique to the islands. Construction practices will also vary, as will the method. For example, wood frame construction, though once common in the Islands, has now given way to steel-reinforced concrete and block con-struction, which can offer solutions to the issues faced when designing a ‘hurricane proof’ structure. ARCHITECTS It is wise to make contact with a few archi-tects and going local is advised. Select some-one you feel comfortable with. Your archi-tect should be able to provide you with the names of local contractors they would rec-ommend, you can then request bid propos-als and meet with each contractor individual-ly. It’s important to be comfortable working with both the architect and the contractor, and they in turn have a good relationship with one another. The Turks and Caicos Architects, Surveyors and Engineers Society (TCASE) is a professional organisation made up of local-ly licensed practices. You can contact the President, Simon Hutchins, at 232-6249 and he will be happy to provide you with any information you require. A few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Aim to position your house facing a breeze, use pressure treated wood to prevent damage by termites. A few financial pointers to keep in mind are that pricey houses come with pricey insurance costs, and utility bills on the island can be expensive. Integrating metres that you can monitor is advised. MLS# 1400314 -SAVING GRACE HOME DÉCOR Decorating your home is a highly personal matter, but if you've never lived in a tropical environment, why not consult those who have? We have interior design and decorat-ing professionals who provide as little or as much service as you require. They will review architectural plans, design furniture layouts and help you choose furnishings to suit your new island lifestyle. When you consider the expenses involved to shop off island and then ship purchases to the TCI, you may decide that purchasing household furnish-ings on island makes sense. We have several stores on Providenciales, which stock every-thing you need to transform your house or condo into a Caribbean home, from furnish-ings to window treatments and appliances to outdoor furnishings. Currently the surcharge adds about 10¢ per kilowatt hour to your invoice. SOLAR ENERGY The one thing that is in abundance here is sun, to harness it is wise. Efficient use of solar energy results in reducing both energy costs and your carbon footprint. INTERNET There are now two internet providers on the island. In order to have internet service with FLOW you must have a land line installed. BUILDING SUPPLIES You will find everything you need on the island to build and accessorise your home. Anything from windows, doors, lumber, cement, rebar, electrical and hardware sup-plies, roof materials, floor and wall tiles, hand and power tools, even kitchen cabi-nets, are available. TELECOMMUNICATIONS We now have a 4G network in the TCI, the roaming option most likely to be successful for your North American or UK cellular serv-ice. If you are relocating, you can choose to set up a land line with one company here or cellular service with any of three. CARLISLE SUPPLIES Carlisle Supplies offer everything from appli-ances and lighting, to plumbing and air con-ditioning, to help houses and offices thrive with the demands of an island lifestyle. Heat, humidity, corrosive salt and power surges are typical struggles, which can be easily over-come with quality service. Other services include project pricing, island specific deliv-ery, sewage maintenance and inspection, appliance repair and product selection. UTILITIES Utilities are an important and expensive necessity of island living. Our costs for utili-ties are relatively high because our popula-tion in the TCI is very small, as compared to other Caribbean countries. CABLE TV Digital TV and HD TV is provided by three firms here on Providenciales.There are dif-ferent packages to choose from and there are several specialty channels available. ELECTRICITY Power is provided by Fortis Inc. On Providenciales, we pay 26 cents per kilowatt hour for residential use, as well as a fuel sur-charge, that changes from month to month. WATER Many homes have both city water and cis-terns designed so that if your cistern is dry you can switch on city water to fill it. If you only have a cistern, remember to monitor the level and be prepared to order water. 150 • • • • • MARCH/APRIL 2017 “Where When How -Turks & Caicos Islands”

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