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Where When How March/April 2017 : Insert 6

Som 72WES T e PAV rset Poin t Gr ace CE Le V ’S COTTA ele GE G an STEL sevoo rt Wes LE t Ba y Cl ub and ra Palm s PA Sibo BAY nne B The ISTRO San ds SOM EWH ERE S NU BA Ree Winds f Re o side ng nce s RAL LEL2 3 -Ren aiss anc e ent Gra nd GRACE BAY AREA Alex ILIO N GRA The VIX Oce a PENNS Gra THE STUBBS FORBES RD TOURIST BOARD I LA P BIG HT COY ABA LOW ER Princess Drive THE SALTMILLS 60 66 GRACE BAY CAR RENTALS 35 GRACEWAY GOURMET # 16 38 FE Beaches Roundabout Juba Sound L E E WA RD HI GH WAY 22 COC O B AVIS 99 CAIC OS CA ISTR Kingstown O IGA GRACEWAY 92 MUSEUM 81 65 31 39 PORTS NEPTUNE COURT &#1a; 11 OF CALL 41 Hou ses The Bight Reef rine CHIL Bea DRE ch NS PAR K Gan sevo ort Wes t Ba y Cl ub Aqu ama ht Rd 56 91 Industrial Park LIME FOR TIS &#1a; 44 8 7 52 11 Dr Turt le Cr ee k Central Square Discovery Bay Wine Cellar Discount Liquors Rd 48 82 86 30 tia n 20 Pr at t 25 Richmond Hill 34 IGA Graceway Sports Complex ne Ve Rd Turtle Lake Flamingo Lake L Southside Marina SHOPPING Anna’s Too ...60 Atelys Jewellery ...41 Cuban Crafters ...60 Dive Provo Boutique ...65 FOTTAC ...70 Jai’s Duty Free ...51, 70 Just Jai’s ...70 L’été Boutique ...15 MaMa’s Gifts ...65 The Palms Shops ...55 Provo Golf Pro Shop ...19 37 L Cooper Jack Cooper Jack Marina Providenciales Road Map ©2017 Ad Vantage Ltd. Supplement to “Where When How” MAR/APR 2017 649-946-4815 L ee rok Che Rd 85 67 94 Mothers 53 Lower Big House L 6 79 84 83 Bight Lower y rd Hw Leewa Turtle Tail L L L Suzie Turn THE BIGHT 26 33 Rd L Blue Mountain TURTLE COVE Smiths Reef 55 68 43 23 Juba Sound 96 Villa Tropidero Rumeurs Boutique ...41 Treasure S + S Gifts ...60 Walkin Marine ...45, 88 West Indie Boutique ...70 L AIRLINES interCaribbean ...98 14 29 47 40 90 70 # 60 Grace B 92 wy d H war e e L L L ATTORNEYS Twa Marcelin Wolf ...5 GAS STATION Caicos Oil ...90 Tidal F Reg e G R A C E B AY Cor al G a Win rdens dso ng Bea che s Re sort The Ale The xandra Pa The lms Som e Sibo rset n The ne San ds Poin t Le V Grace ele L L ARCHITECTS John Redmond & Associates ...30 SWA Architects ...39 FINANCIAL SERVICES Meridian Trust Co Ltd ...15 L L REGENT VILLAGE Sev 17 32 27 71 Roy 23 L 15 24 INFI Beaches Resort 70 n C 90 ce B 84 83 26 33 NITI 68 The THE L 55 43 en S tars The 29 SOL lub ANA L 14 DEC ETIT K, S E PL EVE ACE N The Vil la Reg 40 ay C lub 47 Wes t L L L L L L 36 LO (P 39 es Forb s bb Stu ns Pen

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