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Where When How March/April 2017 : Page 119

RESTAURANT REVIEW rich, chocolatey cake and a fluffy cream centre laced with Kirsch-soaked cherries. My husband grew up eating the real deal, and declared this adaptation a winner. The Blueberry Duff Cheesecake was light and heavenly, with its berry compote base, white chocolate mousse and almond bis-cuit topping. Next, a lovely Strawberry Compote with silky Madagascar Vanilla Custard, topped with a wafer thin choco-late and pistachio tuile. Chef Nik recognises and celebrates the talents of his entire team and was eager to introduce his sous chef, Esdras. With so much on Nik’s plate now, and his many ambitious future projects, Esdras has become his proverbial right hand man. So what else does Chef Nik have up his sleeve? After lobster season, Chef Nik plans to appease your palate with octo-pus. “I want to have seafood…I want to have more and more of that. You’ll find Chef Nik and his team every Thursday evening at the Fish Fry, the island’s hugely popular cultural event, preparing local HALF MOON BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE favourites on his newly fashioned twelve-foot grill. He fondly remembers his dad’s popu-lar Saturday Brunch and has plans to “take it down home” and bring the local break-fast scene to Grace Bay. And those sauces and condiments? Perpetuate your Crackpot Kitchen food fantasies back home at your own backyard BBQ with Tropical Tamarind Gourmet BBQ Sauce, Tropical Heat Gourmet BBQ Sauce, and his Tropical Seasoning and Rub. Coming soon, that unforgettable Tropical Flamingo Cocktail Sauce and Cactus Jerk Sauce. I Read Chef Nik’s full story on page 136 of the 2017 Providenciales Dining Guide. Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MARCH/APRIL 2017 • • • • • 119

Bambarra Rum

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