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SAMPLING FLAVOURS UNIQUE TO THE TCI Photography by from ingredients to bottle-ready, I’ll leave to Mike to share. Tasting -Moving onto the tastings in the bar, it wasn’t just beer in the liquid form we were trying; we were given a handful of malted barley grains used in their lager to try, along with smelling the original green hops they use for their beer (which unbeknown to me, are actually vines that have buds similar to roses, hence the flowery taste of IPA). The tasting hotlist con-sisted of: Lager, Amber Ale, Light and IPA (India Pale Ale), pint-sized or less, depending on your preference. FYI, they also have a popcorn machine. Be aware that this list is by no means defini-tive; the brewery is constantly experimenting with new flavours in their pilot system, which in the past has amounted to bespoke and seasonal beers such as Summer Wheat Ales, and Stouts and Porters. The Last Word -At present, Turk’s Head Brewery make cases of bottled beer, canned beer and kegs (in 2016 they made an astonishing two million bottles worth). They appear once a week at the local Thursday Fish Fry in Bight Park, and have a parallel business: TC Crystal water, where they use plastic bot-tles that are biodegradable. Looking to the future, prospects are strong: buying and shipping beer online, expanding their range of beers, hoisting up marketing for their newest ventures like Osprey Vodka and Caicos Cream Irish Cream and who knows what else. With the Turk’s Head team steering the direction, armed with sharp tastes and a stellar wealth of scientific knowl-edge, wherever it leads, it’s going to be good. I Tours, tastings, private parties & rentals | Turk’s Head Brewery, 52 Universal Dr | Mike Bozzer: Sales and Marketing Rep Tours are $15 per head, tours last approximately 45-60 minutes (including tasting), three times a day at 11am, 1pm and 3pm Open weekdays Monday to Friday. Currently cash only. To book a tour email or call 649-941-3637 ext #1005 Visit the Turks & Caicos Islands at MARCH/APRIL 2017 • • • • • 113

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