Where When How — N/D 2017 - J/F 2018
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Captain’s Blog
Captain Geoff

Each year the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) are voted “Best in World” for wahoo by various USA fishing magazines and this year looks just as special.

Our waters are beautiful year round, but from January to the end of March we have the added spectacle of the whale migration. Humpback whales run past our coastline, many with young calves. Bring your camera. We see these gentle giants breaching, and leaping clear of the water in exhilarating play.

In January and February we traditionally see the arrival of the monster, 100 pound class wahoo, as opposed to the 30 - 50 pounders of November. Even though we fish with heavy tackle, the first run of a wahoo is unstoppable, as they hit the lures at close to 70 mph. Then the challenge is to get them to the boat.

‘Gwendolyn’ is the most famous (and infamous) boat on the island, and you can be assured of returning to the dock with a box full of big game fish. Expect mahi mahi, white marlin, sailfish, blackfin and bigeye tunas.

Sportsfishing is always exciting, with prolific action from barracuda, cero mackerel, kingfish, horse-eye jacks and rainbow runners. We fish waters from as shallow as 50 ft. to depths of 6,000 ft.

Winter game fish frequent the waters close to shore and they roam the dramatic coral wall. The wall, which plummets to 7,000 ft. is just twenty minutes from the dock.

Our boats ‘Wahoo’ and ‘Dos Dorados’ are ideal for sportsfishing. We fish with lighter tackle, and troll the inner coral heads or outer reefs.

I am often asked to recommend types of fishing trips for youngsters or adults who’ve never fished before. Reef fishing is ideal for both, as there are frequent bites and plenty of action. Catches included many beautiful tropical fish: queen triggerfish, Nassau and strawberry groupers, and red, mutton, yellowtail, mangrove and black snapper, plus many more.

Reef fishing takes place close to shore, in calm waters. The boat is at anchor, and we drop baited hooks down to 100 ft., over the reefs. Everyone should try it. It’s a great group activity and a chance to catch a delicious dinner. Our crew will clean and fillet your catch, and recommend restaurants that will cook for you.

Come on down to the dock when the boats return at midday or at about 5 pm to dicuss what kind of fishing you might enjoy. The TCI is all about the water and offers world-class fishing. Take home some awesome memories.