Where When How — May/June 2017
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Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Fresh, colourful, and packing antioxidants as far as the clouds are high, it’s hard to conceive the everyday dish without the sideshow of grains or vegetables. However, when the culinary focus shifts, and what many regard as an accompaniment becomes a cuisine all in itself, vegan and vegetarian food takes on a whole new craft, and with it, a heightened standard of cooking. Vegetables, healthy grains and textures are chosen with greater variety and flavour. The final priority given to grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes not only sends our energy levels through the roof, but packs a flavour giving any meat or dairy counterpart a run for its money. So vegan, vegetarian, or none of either… good food doesn’t need a label, and you’ll be astonished at the plates of fancy we found on the island.

Dishes against the light wood tiles are vegetarian. Dishes against the dark wood tiles are vegan.

*Asterix indicates a dish can be vegan by removing a non-vegan element.