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Kathi Barrington

Prince is one very lucky Potcake. The pitiful little guy sought shelter under a kayak on Beatrix Neuhaus’ property in Chalk Sound one morning. Her other three dogs alerted her to the newcomer, who was almost hairless, crawling with fleas and ticks, and had many open sores.

She bundled him in a towel and took him to the TCSPCA. He didn’t move when director Susan Blehr examined him in the car. Things didn’t look good.

It took three gentle baths to remove the parasites. Then Prince was given fluids subcutaneously and hand fed chicken. He ate a tiny bit, and spent the night in the clinic. We wondered if he would survive.

But he did. After two nights at the TCSPCA he went to Donna Doran’s wonderful team at Pampered Paws. But he had to be quarantined because he was so ‘flat’ she was afraid he had Parvovirus, a notorious disease that kills puppies every week on Providenciales.

He liked to be held, so I went every day for an hour to just sit and hold him. I cried those first few days. Normally puppies in quarantine are not allowed visitors, but Donna made an exception because she knew he needed the love as much as medicine.

She called him “feather fur” because what was left of his hair was soft wisps of fur. Today, he is like a teddy bear.

Every day he got a bit better; I brought him toys and we started to play. Just 3.4 pounds when we found him, he doubled his weight in two weeks. One of his front paws was crooked, and that healed too.

I told Susan from day one that I could not keep him. I have three dogs already, 3, 8 and 13 years old. But I relented, and said I would give it a try and see if we could all make it work. Honestly, by then I could not have given him to anyone else.

He came home on June 12, after three weeks of care at Pampered Paws. I introduced him to the rest of the furry family and my youngest, Balu, totally fell in love with him. They are adorable, wild playmates. The house shakes with happy puppy races.

My Prince would not have made it without the excellent care from the TCSPCA and Pampered Paws. If you would like to support the animals of the Turks and Caicos Islands, please go to www.tcspca.tc to find out how simple it is to help.

Hurricane note: Pampered Paws sustained huge damage during category five hurricane Irma and faced more of the same from hurricane Maria. They need your help. Pampered Paws houses the TCSPCA rescued puppies and older dogs until homes are found for them, and provides expert medical care for injured animals. Needless to say, this wonderful team treats every animal as if it were their own beloved pet. Please visit their GoFundMe page and help us all rebuild Pampered Paws:



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