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Represent TCI TITO Seymour
Tom Tewksbury



WITH only A dollAr And A drEAM, SouTH CAICoS nATIvE TITo SeyMour CrAfTS HIS drEAM right from his home on Providenciales. With hard work, hustle and a tireless work ethic, Taj Enterprises sparked from merely an idea to a homegrown business.

R aised in Miami before returning to the Turks and Caicos Islands, Tito worked for EMS on Providenciales for several years to help support his family back in the States. However his entrepreneur spirit could not be quenched. Tito was formulating a business plan to promote the Islands he loves and support his family at the same time. He knew that starting a local business in TCI would not be without challenges, but the motivation and drive burned within.

Tito and his wife own and run Taj Enterprises and represent Turks and Caicos. “represent”, their social media outlet, helps promote their business globally and represents all the good things the Turks and Caicos Islands have to offer. Local artists, restaurants, and current Island events are often posted on his sites to help promote the local economy. They are always encouraging tourists, locals and visitors to shop and support local business.

Taj’s workhorse mentality and positive attitude has transformed his business from producing a few TCI trap sacks and tee shirts into a fullblown business with several sought after flagship brands. His “Certified Turks and Caicos Islander” shirts, “Turkoiselife” apparel and TCI flag inspired trap sacks were quickly becoming a must have at the Island fish fry and other Island events featuring local talent. The business quickly expanded to multiple product lines, all handmade right here on Provo.

Taj Enterprises’s mission statement is to preserve the Turks and Caicos’ culture and history through their local, handmade and authentic products. To become a successful small businessman in the Turks and Caicos you need a lot of hustle, savvy, and heart, and Tito has proven to be up to the task. Taj Enterprises apparel and products can now be found in many of Provo’s resorts, including The Palms and Seven Stars, as well as several local specialty boutiques such as The Beach Hut and Art Provo, all located in the heart of Grace Bay.

His personal appearances at local events with the Taj “pop up shop” is the best way to experience his gregarious charm and personality, the eternal optimist with a playful personality and a smile to match. Combined with the determination and drive of a true Turks Islander, you’ll know you just discovered someone uniquely Turks and Caicos. His love for life, his wife, family and the Islands he calls home, continue to inspire Tito to lift Taj Enterprises to even loftier goals, with several new business ideas always on the drawing board in his head.

Tito is also well known for the motivational and inspirational sayings he shares with his social media following. My personal favourites are “ Taj Enterprises: I’m coming for everything they said I couldn't have”. “If you woke up broke, you had no business going to bed” or his own personal mantra: “TGIF: The Grind Includes Friday”. Tito continues to grind it out seven days a week producing authentic handmade products for his growing clientele.

With his wife’s assistance from Miami they can ship your favourite Taj Enterprises merchandise world-wide. Since all of their products are hand crafted in their modest home in Blue Hills, every room in the house plays a part in the production process: silk screen printing in the living room, sewing machines running full tilt in the dining room, and wood working projects buzzing out on the porch.

The quintessential family business, Tito and his brother are often working late into the night creating new designs and preparing deliveries for the next morning. Every item Taj designs pays homage to their strong TCI heritage, always representing something as uniquely Turks and Caicos as Tito himself.

Tito Seymour, CEO & Owner of Taj Enterprises, Represent TCI