Where When How — May/June 2017
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Historic Highlights

750-1300 AD - Taino Indians visit the Islands seasonally. Evidence of Lucayan ceremonial and trading centre activities on the Caicos Islands, particularly Middle Caicos and on Grand Turk. A Taino canoe paddle (dated 995 to 1235) found in North Creek, Grand Turk in 1996. Only two have been found in The Bahama chain.

1300s - 1500 - Lucayan settlements are on all of the Islands. Pottery shards and beadmaking remnants in a Lucayan village are discovered on Grand Turk in 1989.

1492 - Christopher Columbus lands at Guanahani Beach, Grand Turk. He finds a settlement of Lucayan Indians. He anchors off the west end of Provo at Malcolm Roads and briefly explores.

1512 - Ponce de Leon passes by the Caicos Islands on his way to Bimini.

Ca 1520 - All of the Lucayan “island people” are gone.

1641 - “Nuestra Senora” sunk north of Puerto Plata. An estimated 1,000 shipwrecks surround the Turks and Caicos Islands 1670s - Bermuda freely enjoyed raking salt from the Turks Islands.

1687 - Treasure of gemstones, gold and silver in excess of $600,000 is recovered from the Silver Shoals by Sir William Phipps.

1706 - Turks Islands captured by the French and Spanish.

1710 - Turks Islands recaptured by Bermuda.

1718 - Anne Bonny and Mary Read capture a Spanish treasure ship and settle on Parrot Cay.

1720s - Francoise L’Olonnois occasionally used French Cay as his pirate base for raiding passing ships.

1725 - Grand Turk is seasonally occupied by 1,000 men raking salt, fishing for turtle and wreck diving.

1776 - Bermudian sloops ignore Royal Navy blockade and ship salt to Washington’s army.

1783 - French seize Grand Turk. Horatio Nelson tries unsuccessfully to capture Grand Turk. Islands are HISTORIC HIGHLIGHTS restored to Britain by the Treaty of Versailles.

1789 - Loyalist refugees begin to arrive in the Caicos Islands.

1790 - Land on Providenciales, Middle Caicos, North Caicos and Parrot Cay is granted to British Loyalists.

1792 - Grand Turk becomes Port of Entry and Customs are set up here instead of Nassau.

1797 - Haitian revolution.

1799 - Britain decides in favour of Bahama rule for the TCI. Most residents are Bermudian and resist rule from The Bahamas.

1812 - Settlers set up cannons at Fort George Cay in anticipation of attack by pirate and American ships. The war in America led to suspension of trade and caused famine in the Islands.

1813 - Hurricane forced Loyalists to other British Islands and Canada, a few took their slaves to Grand Turk.

1821 - Hundreds of slaves from the TCI flee to freedom in Haiti.

1834 - All British Colony slaves are granted freedom.

1841 - The illegal slaveship “Trouvadore” wrecks off East Caicos with 20 crew and 193 Africans bound for Cuba onboard. The shipwreck is identified in 2008.

1845 - First newspaper published, “Turks Island Gazette & Commercial Reporter.” 1846 - 1883 - Turks Island Whaling Company is formed and harpoons first whale off East Ambergris Cay.

1848 - 1873 - Queen Victoria grants a royal charter. The TCI becomes an independent colony.

1850 - English Captain Delaney recovers $130,000 in pirate treasure at Sand Cay.

1852 - Grand Turk Lighthouse erected.

1857 - “Waterloo” built in 1815, was acquired for the Governor’s residence.

1866 - “The Great Bahama Hurricane” devastates TCI and entire Bahama chain.

1874 - TCI annexed to Jamaica who provided medical and technical assistance and substantial grants following hurricanes.

1898 - First telegraph cable, Bermuda to Grand Turk to Jamaica. First fire engine.

1911 - Theodore DeBooy of the Heye Museum of American Indians visited and collected archeological specimens.

1941 - “Bahama Passage” starring Madeline Carrol and Sterling Hayden is filmed at Salt Cay.

WWII - US Coast Guard installs submarine tracking base on South Caicos.

1948 - First commercial flight to TCI.

1950 - US missile tracking station established on Grand Turk. Closed down 1981.

1960 - Hurricane Donna devastates all agriculture.

1962 - Jamaica became independent but TCI wished to remain a British Crown Colony.

1962 - Astronaut John Glenn first touched land on Grand Turk after his first space flight.

1966 - In exchange for 4,000 acres, Provident Ltd. Begins to develop Providenciales. They construct airstrip, build link roads between the three settlements and build a 10 room hotel, the Third Turtle. The first car arrives on Providenciales.

1968 - Airport opens on Provo.

1973 - Meridian Club on Pine Cay is established.

1978 - Burt Webber discovers millions in treasure on the Silver Shoals.

1980 - Treasure hunting company located remains of 16th century wreck on Molasses Reef.

1981 - Barclays opens bank on Provo.

1982 - Scotiabank opens on Grand Turk, opens on Provo in 1988.

1984 - Club Med Turkoise opens.

1984 - The Conch Farm begins commercial farming of conch.

1985 - Cable television introduced to Providenciales.

1991 - Rocky, Missie and Silver, captive Bottlenose Dolphins, are released off West Caicos.

1992 - Coralie site, the oldest archeological site in The Bahama archipelago, discovered on Grand Turk.

1992 - Provo Golf Club opens.

1994 - First Turks & Caicos monthly tourist destination guide book “Where When How - Turks & Caicos Islands” begins publication.

2006 - Grand Turk Cruise Centre opens on Grand Turk welcoming Carnival Cruise Lines, Radisson Seven Seas, Crystal, Silverseas and Oceania Cruises.

2008 - Two hurricanes in one week, Ike and Hanna damage the Turks & Caicos Islands.