Where When How — March/April 2017
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Captain’s Blog
Captain Geoff

March is the peak of the whale Migration season, as the female humpbacks head back north to offshore Maine with their calves, trailed by large males. North atlantic right whales and occasionally sperm whales can also be spotted when we fish just a few miles offshore, in 7000 feet. We also see manta rays, eagle rays, whalesharks, hammerhead, tiger and bull sharks. The waters just off the barrier reefs of the tci are fascinating and exciting.

In March, big lone wahoo, mahi mahi, blackfin and big eye tuna arrive offshore. If you intend to fish for these spectacular fighting fish, you won’t be disappointed. The bent rod and screaming reel produce an adrenalin rush you will remember forever. Provo is frequently voted ‘Best in world’ by wahoo aficionados. Many catches exceed 100 lbs and we still retain the caribbean record for our 138 lb catch.

Offshore and inshore reef fishing

our reefs are spectacular all year round, abundant with multicoloured fish. Of course the table favourites of grouper (black, gag, nassau, and strawberry), plus red and yellowtail snappers are frequent catches. Do spare a place on your plate for some less common table fare. Try triggerfish, blue runners, porgies or rainbow runners, cooked caribbean-style.


sportsfish include kingfish, cero mackerel, grouper, reef sharks, rainbow runners and small tuna. You could catch horse-eye jacks, hound fish and permit, making a lifetime memory.

It would be a mistake to visit these islands and not experience the wonders of our waters. Novices or professional anglers will enjoy the thrill of world-class fishing. Children are especially welcome. They will never forget their first catch. Come on down the water is lovely.