Where When How — March/April 2017
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A Few Of Our Favourite Cocktails

Amanyara’s Platinum Margarita

An elegant Margarita, Amanyara mixes Patron’s Platinum Tequila with Bauchant Orange Liqueur and lemongrass-infused syrup. Served on the rocks. If you wish to visit Amanyara you must call in advance.

Seven at Seven Stars Resort

A well thought out cocktail, two ounces of Patron Silver is added to freshly squeezed orange juice and a slice of Cointreau instead of syrup. Served with a lime turned inside out, filled with Grand Marnier.

Somewhere…Café and Lounge

Served on the rocks or frozen, there’s a good range of tequila brands available to choose from, which is then blended with lime juice, sours and triple sec, and garnished with optional salt and fresh lime.

Plunge at the Regent Palms Resort

Plunge’s margarita mixes tequila with pomegranate juice along with slices of lime and a cherry on top, bringing tropical flavours to this cocktail classic. Served frozen or on the rocks.